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Date Posted: 12/7/2019

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Job Description

COMPANY: Sykes Enterprises, Inc.

LOCATION: 1290 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

TITLE: Senior Data Science Engineer

HOURS: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

DUTIES: Responsible for supporting the Data Science program that uses machine learning and predictive analytics programs to review, clean, and shape data and predict future outcomes to apply to current methods and processes. Analyzes system requirements, including identifying program interactions and appropriate interfaces between affected components and sub systems. Interprets results using a variety of techniques, ranging from simple data aggregation via statistical analysis to complex data mining, modeling, machine learning and predictive analytics.
Designs, develops, implements, and maintains machine learning solutions such as: the Agent Needs Help (ANH) model to predict when agents may need help; Senior Agent / Team Lead metrics for measuring productivity and effectiveness; Call Length Prediction model to determine if an customer call will be long or short; Service Level Prediction model to predict when accounts will meet or not meet service level goals and the decision support to make corrective action; Derive customer satisfaction (CSAT) / Net Promoter Score (NPS) drivers; Derive call drivers by agents, product category; and the Agent Retention Model to predict turnover from the agent staff.
Works directly with project and business leaders to identify and select analytical requirements.


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