SVP Global Marketing - Tampa, FL - SYKES JOBS

Date de Publication: 1/18/2020

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This position provides overall strategic leadership and coordination to ensure the appropriate corporate and brand positioning of SYKES as a visionary leader in its markets. Provides technical expertise to initiatives to communicate to, and interact with, the various constituencies important to SYKES, such as clients, strategic partners, employees, applicants, the talent community, and community citizens and leaders.
  • Guides the CEO and other members of the senior leadership team through critical issues as they relate to marketing communications and branding strategies.
  • Works with leadership team and staff to recognize internal and external communications opportunities and solutions and to define and execute appropriate strategies to support them.
  • Ensures the company’s marketing strategy is designed and executed to achieve business plan objectives.
  • Measures the effectiveness of marketing communications and implements improvements.
  • Contributes to the overall marketing communications strategy and business plans by creating guidelines for written and oral exchanges.
  • Creates key message tracks for the company and ensures consistency throughout written and oral communications. Oversees the company’s graphic standards and logo use and ensures all technological innovations and advantages are infused in the company’s communications program.
  • Provides specialized input into marketing communications and branding, PR, website, e-communications and change management strategies and programs.
  • Designs and executes a robust CEO communications platform.
  • Prioritizes media opportunities, and overseas the preparation of talking points, speeches, presentations and other content to build the reputation of, and regard for, SYKES, its management and the services it offers.
  • Ensures that media relations are a core competency for the company and that news coverage of SYKES is both a competitive advantage and differentiator. In charge of coordinating media communication to minimize communication mishaps and establishes plans to correct such incidents with brevity.
  • Approves corporate communications before they're released to the media.
  • Develops guidelines for business unit response to local media inquiries.
  • Works with sales and client management EVPs and business unit leaders in managing channel strategies, strategic alliances, and programs to close/grow major customer accounts. Ensures content is professional, meets audience needs and grows SYKES’s profile in line with its brand, marketing and communication objectives.
  • Asserts the company’s point of view on important issues and competitive developments through a well-conceived and unimpeachably supported thought leadership platform.
  • Partners with the general counsel to anticipate legal or governmental issues that could affect the company’s ability to transact its business.
  • Partners with CFO and Investor Relations executive in marketing the company’s story to investors and analysts, assisting in the development of earnings call scripts, presentations, and other company disclosure.
  • Contributes to the preparation of SYKES’s press releases, governmental reports and filings and the Annual Report.
  • Advises Sykes executives on public relations challenges and strategies that complement corporate objectives.
  • Oversees and directs initiatives to represent SYKES favorably in the many communities in which the company operates.
  • Directs and personally participates in programs that promote good will and fosters relationships with community leaders.
  • Gauges the company’s public perception and image.
  • Partners with other functions in the company to ensure that key messages are communicated to SYKES employees around the globe in a regular and consistent manner.
  • Chairs the Communications Council, comprised of SYKES communications leaders throughout the globe.

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