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Recruiting Scam Advisory

Unfortunately, unauthorized individuals and organizations may use the names of a large company like SYKES in an attempt to solicit fees from potential job seekers. The scammers will even search for the names of real employees at the company to appear legitimate, or send fraudulent checks to applicants.

There are several ways you can distinguish between a SYKES recruiter and a scammer:
  1. SYKES only contacts job applicants from email addresses that end in Scams usually involve the use of illegitimate email addresses that appear to be from SYKES. For example, is not an authorized email. If you receive any communication concerning employment opportunities with SYKES from an email domain that is not, it is likely unauthorized. Please contact the hiring location and speak with the Human Resources department to verify the message’s authenticity.
  2. SYKES does not accept applications via email, fax or text.
  3. SYKES will never ask for money as part of the application process.
  4. SYKES will not request applicants to cash a SYKES-provided check to purchase equipment before or during the hiring process.
What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

If you are contacted regarding a fraudulent employment proposal, SYKES encourages candidates to alert a local law enforcement agency or police authority.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a reporting service on their website for those who have been targeted by a recruiting scam.